Its commonly agreed that meta keyword tags no longer serve any SEO purpose, but did you know that ALT and TITLE tags are still important?

Nice images strengthen your message toward your reader, so include them with your content, but you shouldn’t forget to give those images good alt attributes. ALT and TITLE tags give the search engines useful information about the subject matter of the image and strengthen the message towards them so they bring you better traffic.


<img src="home.gif" alt="real estate sales" title="New Home For Sale" > (often called Schema) provides a collection of shared vocabulary of tags (or microdata) that you can add to the HTML code of your web pages (markup) so that they can be understood by the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc and also improve the way your pages are represented on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Sounds fairly complicated, I know, but its really not...

Ever wonder what the little lightning bolt icon means when you do a Google search on your mobile device?  These are AMP or "Accelerated Mobile Pages". As internet use continues to shift toward mobile use, it becomes more and more important to address these users. Its now estimated that more than half of web traffic is mobile. Additionally, Google has been increasing the importance of pagespeed, or page load time, in its search result ranking algorithm.

You can see for yourself what % of your site's traffic is mobile in your Google Analytics reports.

You can now create posts on your Google My Business page.

Adding new content to your site should be part of your digital marketing routine. A post on your social media pages linking back to your new content, blog post, event announcement, etc will drive traffic to your site. Now you can also create a post directly on your Google My Business page that will show up right in the Google search results. Click the "Posts" link, give your post a title, and add an image. Then click "Add a button" and paste the link to your new content. These posts expire in 7 days, so get in the habit of making a weekly post.

This is the web marketing talk I presented at the Towne Lake Entrepreneurs group meeting last week (6/7/16).  You can download the presentation here in PDF format.  I included links to all the tools and websites referenced in the talk.

The E-myth - The myth that most people who start small businesses are entrepreneurs. They are not entrepreneurs… They are technicians. The fatal assumption that an individual who understands the technical work of a business can successfully run a business that does that technical work.

The Hebel Consulting Group is a close team of professionals who work together to provide a complete solution for their clients biopharmaceutical product development consulting needs. Their WordPress based website is built on a completely responsive, retina-ready & multipurpose theme with a clean, modern design and has full paralax animation capabilities.

Cypress Texas Real Estate is a local real estate agent's fully functional personal site.  The site has IDX (internet data exchange) and lead generation capabilities. IDX links to full MLS database and enables visitors to search all local real estate with an array of filters.

The RNA-Seq Blog is a blog covering the specific topic of RNA Sequencing.  It is a place to find the latest research and industry news and information about RNA sequencing. RNA-seq (RNA Sequencing) is a technology that utilizes the capabilities of next-generation sequencing to reveal a snapshot of RNA presence and quantity from a genome at a given moment in time. - wikipedia

The lncRNA Blog is a blog covering the specific topic of long non-coding RNA (ncRNA). It is a place to find the latest research and industry news and information about long non-coding RNA. Long non-coding RNAs (long ncRNAs, lncRNA) are non-protein coding transcripts longer than 200 nucleotides (Perkel 2013). This somewhat arbitrary limit distinguishes long ncRNAs from small regulatory RNAs such as microRNAs (miRNAs), short interfering RNAs (siRNAs), Piwi-interacting RNAs (piRNAs), small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs), and other short RNAs. - wikipedia is a place to find the latest research and industry news and information about exome sequencing. Exome sequencing (also known as targeted exome capture) is an efficient strategy to selectively sequence the coding regions of the genome as a cheaper but still effective alternative to whole genome sequencing. – from wikipedia

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